Wednesday, April 21, 2010

if only...


whenever me start a sentence using this tw0 words..

it means that me 'berangan'.. hehe

still..let me finish first..

if only..i have a hubby like adam.. (in malay drama - adamaya)

i'll be d happiest woman on d..universe! (exaggerated la plak..)

i'll (pr0bably) hv no c0mplaints for d rest of my life....hehe

such a sweet...n alm0st perfect character..either as a guy or a husband....

pers0alan' there a person which resembles such character in d world t0day??

only th0se yang lucky k0t will hv d chance t0 meet or be wit such pers0n...

'adam' - ur one in a milli0n~



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