Tuesday, January 18, 2011

go go 'P' power..!!

some days are easy for me, but then for no apparent reasons i'll have days like today..
on days like this,i tend to face certain problems or issues which most of them required a significant power from me --- "p _ _ _ _ _ _ _"

occasionally, i'm not a fan of myself. esp my inability to express myself. at times, it seems like a flaw or worse, virus which eventually 'eating' me. but if i am to be given an opportunity to alter this weakness, i'd rather say 'no' but instead..i'd beg for greater 'P' power! (:

i'm way far from perfect. but i'm doing my best in everything. it's days like this, days that test me - all the misses, the near breakdowns, the unexplained absence or decline of 'P' power in critical situations, and to be able to overcoming them all, are the joys that mean the most.

All i have to do is keep doing what i'm doing, always upgrade those 'P' power and i believe, everything is going to be alright, alright! (:


Monday, November 15, 2010


i understand..
i understand your feelings..
to the point that it hurts...


Monday, June 28, 2010


dear GOD..
give me strength..
make me strong..
pls take care of all the people dat i loved..
give them endless happiness and bliss them here in the world or hereafter..
let them noe how much i treasured them..

All praises are for you Allah..
I know that you are near..
I know that you have read my heart..
and my words I know you hear..


Monday, June 7, 2010

awes0me rand0m surprise !

ai cik D~!

im back at home again..rinduye kt umah..huhu

btw..i got a small and awes0me surprise fr0m mummy and daddy! hehe
it was a..vacati0n!

on last friday..they told me dat "we are going 4 perak on d weekend.."
i thought we were just n only going to visit pak ngah there but..there was m0re!

rupe2'y they were also planning t0 take me for a lil oliday..
they said dat i'd been staying at home m0st of the time during d h0liday and gone alm0st nowhere..! so,they wished t0 take me jalan2~
hehe..s0 shuweeettt...of them..!!
>> agak'y dorg kcian tgk i..cyg gk dorg kt i ek..huhu

we went t0 teluk batik..pekan lumut..n so 0n.. >> check out my FB's ph0to album

it was fun n slumber pnye vacation~ hehe
mne x nye..ingat nk g uma sedare je..mental n fizikal xready lgsung tok jln2..huhu
dgn mcm2'y xcukup..n few unf0rtunate, funny yet memorable events~~ hehe

thx pa thx ma~ for everythg..luv u b0th so damn much! :)


Thursday, June 3, 2010


miss D..

me no better than yesterday..
all the shivers n no appetite state are not helping..

1 mango fruit n small cup of pudding are all i had 2day..sadly,dats all dat i can..

but..it's ok.. :) its n0t like i've nvr had anythg far worst than this aite..

be str0ng babe~! u cn d0 it..evrythg will be just finee..

chillex~ ^-^

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

back again..

seems like its been years since d last time i signed in here..
i miss u..my lil so called miss D a.k.a diary..hehe


hmm..n0t feelin very well..nearly fall down when i got up dis m0rning..
dun noe why..lost my appetite t0o.. (which, i think,make things worst)
monologue > badan2~ im sorry..x m0la sakit ae..

till we meet again.buaiiss~
salam to all


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

if only...


whenever me start a sentence using this tw0 words..

it means that me 'berangan'.. hehe

still..let me finish first..

if only..i have a hubby like adam.. (in malay drama - adamaya)

i'll be d happiest woman on d..universe! (exaggerated la plak..)

i'll (pr0bably) hv no c0mplaints for d rest of my life....hehe

such a sweet...n alm0st perfect character..either as a guy or a husband....

pers0alan'y......is there a person which resembles such character in d world t0day??

only th0se yang lucky k0t will hv d chance t0 meet or be wit such pers0n...

'adam' - ur one in a milli0n~