Saturday, April 17, 2010


d word above..
can represent plenty of things or events that happen in my days recently..
d nearest example wud be dat im back again..! here in my lil so-called secret 'sanctuary'.. hehe
im also thankful to God dat d exam is over..n im underg0ing my l0o0o0og yet bored sem break..
last but definitely n0t dear lovely ninu is getting better..

ninu was n0t well..
ninu xde selere mkn since friday last week..
on last m0nday monin..grandpa came t0 my house..
mintak me dtg tgkkn ninu..
s soon s cmpai umh ninu..tgk ninu bring on her bed..she looked s0o weak..
hurm..temankn dea..
she kept saying things dat made me sad..
like t0 tell my mother bout her last wishes or she have lil time left on dis world and etc..
those lines never fails t0 have tears bagged under my eyes..
ninu..jgn ckp cmtu.. T_T

whenever im free or convenient..i always come down t0 hers..
make me feels blissful every time i see their happy smiles and faces ble ad org visit dorg..
hehe..but i understand h0w they feels..
d0rg sunyi..there's always d two of them..n0 one else..
but.. AnGGOT n NiNU.. dun worry.. im here n0w!! ^^
evendoh temporarily..huhu



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