Monday, April 19, 2010

while y0u are sleeping ~

it a movie title..

while y0u are sleeping..

suweeeettt cgt3 cte niy...

n of c0z..d ultimate reason y i like d muvi is bcz ade sandra bullock..

she looks s0 lovely n awes0me...!!! bill pullman played d her0 part..
he is 'beautiful'.. huhu

its a r0mantic c0medy.. "i think'' >> cz im n0t s0 sure...hehe

here's a sh0rt summary b0ut d muvi.... (its d one without sp0iler)

Lonely Chicago "L" ticket seller Lucy has fallen in love with a commuter who passes her by every day. On Christmas day, the handsome commuter named Peter falls onto the rails and is saved from certain death by Lucy. Peter's family is mistaken into thinking Lucy is Peter's fiancie. Peter's brother, Jack, is skeptical, but very much attacted to Lucy. What will happen when Peter wakes up?
-Rob Hartill



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