Saturday, April 17, 2010

Its a sign...!!

oh no0o0o0o.....!!!
its a sign..or maybe signs..

~ i've been revising meteor garden + hana y0ri dongo + b0ys over flower..and not once but d0zen times or pr0bably more than dat..!!
(ciap da hafal part mne besh n dialog da k0t..)

~ thinking ab0ut making an outfit p0r my lil kitty c0mot..
(its surprised me myself d0h as i xpndai cgt bab jahit menjahit ni..hehe)

~ berniat t0 have pets such as - ular,ank rimau or singa,panda,zirafah n etc..gaauumm..!!

in a nutshell (miss Shazreen hated dis phrase..hehe..btw..i miss u!!)

im physically n mentally bored..da melepasi thp bhaye >>> (danger2..)
(kecian t0l dak niy..)

c0ngrat t0 me..!! aaarrrggggghhhhh~~~~~ *0*

p.s: d worse part is (or myb n0t)..these r only s0me of the signs..n im alredy getting tired of them..huaaaaa~



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