Thursday, August 20, 2009

my musing - a reflection of mine

tht wud be d exact word tht i'd utter if..
someone ask me..
"how was ur day?"
and if thats someoe ask me "why?"
i'd probably just..take a real deep breath...and smile..
for me..
it'd probably take days for me to answer dat particular one-word question..
so much for elaboration..hee~
after all..people do acknowledge me for my special talent in story-telling..
huhu..shame on me~~
but..its true..
and one thing...
will that person be able to understand how i truly feels..
all i can say is that...
life seems to be better and more meaningful to me..
or maybe..all dis has always be dat way..
and that..i just figured it out now...
revelation?? hmm..maybe~
life's beautiful...
theres so many reasons of why we sud feel dat way..
sy bertuah kerana masih diberi peluang oleh Tuhan untuk hidup di atas muke bumi ni...
being thankful...for example..
is also beautiful...and trust me..ia juga boleh membuat anda tersenyum dan bahagia...
as u live..troubles will always be ur frens..
pernahkah kte terfikir..bile kte ditemukan dgn masalah..betapa bertuahnye kte...
kte bertuah...krn Tuhan memberi prhatian kpd kte..
mungkin untuk m'ingatkan kte ttg sesuatu..mungkin jgk untuk mhalang kte dr melakukan kesalahan..
kte jgk bertuah krn Tuhan beri perhatian kt kte berbanding mereka yg masih lalai...
itu jga bermakne..Tuhan sayang kte...
plus, stiap yg berlaku tu..ade hikmahnye...think positive..insyALLAH kte xkan rugi..
berceritalah kepadaNya...krn Dia Maha-mendengar...
im not saying im perfect because I'M SOoO NOT..
im learning..
its always be a dream fo me to be able to be...di antra mereka yg bersyukur..
i know it is not easy...(for me at least)..
krn slgi yg dinamakan manusia..mereka xkan pernah puas dgn ape yg mereka ade...
but at least we try...yg pnting niat n usaha...
im thankful to God...
Who had created me...
allow me to live even just for 1 milisecond..
for im born in a family that i wud never trade for anything else in this world...
for frens that i adore and care for..
i love them..all these much....
dan untuk segala nikmat yg telah Dia kurniakan kpdku semenjak aq dilahirkan hinggalah kini...
and i pray..
please..God..dun take them away from me...

lets pray together..
smoga kte menjadi insan yg sentiasa bersyukur kepadaNya..
selamat menyambut Ramadhan..
dun forget ur 'niah' kay...



Thursday, August 13, 2009

an - unexpected - but - pleasant - start

cant believe i finally made one..
a bl0g..!
after all the..
oppressions+free "seminar" on blogs !
by my dearest cliques..
i finally and successfully made one
lihal0h dunya. . .!
[ pr0ud seh! cz i can be categorised s "buta IT" gak ]

hope >>
unexpected start = continuous yet pleasant journey

^-^ L0L...!!!!