Tuesday, January 18, 2011

go go 'P' power..!!

some days are easy for me, but then for no apparent reasons i'll have days like today..
on days like this,i tend to face certain problems or issues which most of them required a significant power from me --- "p _ _ _ _ _ _ _"

occasionally, i'm not a fan of myself. esp my inability to express myself. at times, it seems like a flaw or worse, virus which eventually 'eating' me. but if i am to be given an opportunity to alter this weakness, i'd rather say 'no' but instead..i'd beg for greater 'P' power! (:

i'm way far from perfect. but i'm doing my best in everything. it's days like this, days that test me - all the misses, the near breakdowns, the unexplained absence or decline of 'P' power in critical situations, and to be able to overcoming them all, are the joys that mean the most.

All i have to do is keep doing what i'm doing, always upgrade those 'P' power and i believe, everything is going to be alright, alright! (: